Tea, the most widely consumed beverage worldwide next to water, has been recognized as something of a superfood for quite some time. In fact, green tea has been called the second healthiest drink in the world (again, after water).

The health benefits of tea are widespread and include stress reduction, improved sleep and increased energy, improvements in metabolism and weight loss, clearer skin, improved cardiovascular health, and improved digestion. These benefits are mostly thanks to the powerful antioxidant compounds, called polyphenols, found in both green and black teas.


What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant; in other words, a compound that the body uses to combat damaging cells called free radicals that pop up when we encounter physical, mental, and environmental stressors of all kinds. There are a number of dietary sources of antioxidants, and tea is among the richest, containing significant quantities of beneficial polyphenols including EGCG, which is often extracted and sold as a dietary supplement.


Tea & your metabolism

One of tea’s primary benefits is its ability to boost metabolism. The active compounds in tea enhance the effects of fat-burning hormones and send signals to fat cells to burn and break down more fat, which is then used as energy once it is released into the bloodstream. Research has shown that drinking tea helps us to burn more calories both while exercising and while at rest.

If you’re looking to lose weight, the benefits of drinking tea are clear, but as we know, there are more benefits to a speedy metabolism than weight loss alone: metabolism affects the entire body and every chemical process that takes place inside of it. A boost in your metabolism can mean a boost in your energy levels and cognitive function, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, an improvement in blood sugar regulation, and more.

Earlier studies into the health benefits of tea focused primarily on green tea, but recently, researchers have started to better understand the benefits of black tea. As it turns out, green and black teas offer many of the same benefits, but sometimes via different pathways.

The main difference in the preparation of green and black teas is that the tea leaves are fermented to make black tea. If the word “fermented” immediately makes you think “gut health”, you’re on the right track!

Actually, both green and black teas are now considered to be “prebiotics”, in other words, food for our friendly gut bacteria.

Green and black teas both contain polyphenols. But while the polyphenols in green tea are very small and are absorbed right into the bloodstream and tissues in order to directly affect metabolism, the polyphenols in black tea are larger and spend longer in the digestive tract. There, they are able to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve gut health, which is actually the mechanism by which they are able to positively influence metabolism, as the makeup of our gut microbiome has a major influence on our metabolism.

Research now shows that green and black teas both positively impact gut health and metabolic rate (1).


What are the other benefits of tea?

The gut health and metabolism boosting benefits of tea are, of course, far-reaching. Tea also contains certain amino acids, most notably L-theanine which offers relaxation, mood-boosting, and anti-stress benefits. Interestingly, the L-theanine component of green tea may be the reason why many of us feel equally alert but not as jittery when we drink this compared with other caffeinated beverages (2).

The antioxidants found in tea are also known for boosting the immune system, lowering inflammation, and clearing up skin.

The compounds in tea also help to regulate our levels of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin (3), which sometimes, due to stressors, tries to tell us that we’re hungry when we don’t truly need to eat. If you’ve been struggling with intermittent fasting, tea may help!


How much tea do I need to be drinking?

One easy way to get more tea into your life is to replace your morning cup of coffee with a cup of tea, but this may not be enough to experience the true range of benefits. According to much of the research on the benefits of tea, 3-5 cups per day is probably necessary.

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